The Secret of Tarzan the Greek

Enrico Minoli

€ 17,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 448
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-114-9

Second Edition

Two men separated by a past that transformed their friendship into hatred. Past loves, weary loves, devastating loves, loves over which the shadow of destiny looms inexorably. A secret that cannot be confessed has marked the lives of four people forever. Volcanic Tarzan, a Greek fisherman who dreams of success and who will achieve it paying a terribly high price. Jani, his eternal rival, eternally beaten – by life also. Deeply attracted by Tarzan’s energy, it is young Elias, Jani’s son, who unites them more tightly than can be imagined. And finally, the narrator, Francesco, who is alternately witness and “deus ex machina.” Flesh and blood characters, animated by strong passions, each one battling to follow and achieve his dream. Events that take the reader from Greece to New York, from Frankfurt to the uncontaminated parks of Africa, from the Aegean Islands to the huge multinationals where astute “gnomes” handle immense capitals.

The author
Enrico Minoli is from Turin. After a career in journalism (Corriere della Sera, Il Mondo, Capital), he became a consultant for important Italian ndustrial groups. He works in the U.S. A New York Trap was his original and successful debut as a narrator.

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