Underground Memories
An Unrepentant Terrorist Tells All

Anonymous - Introduction by Sergio Segio

€ 12,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 144
ISBN/EAN: 9788860520685

It’s 1981. A manuscript arrives at the Savelli publishing house. About one hundred pages, a fast-paced story, a punch in the gut. The author signs as “Giorgio,” but his identity has never been revealed; he’s from the Milanese middle-class.

He seems like all his peers; he has friends and a girl-friend and goes to demonstrations, but for some time he has had a gun hidden under his jacket. Then the leap and going underground in Prima Linea (a clandestine organization). He becomes a soldier of terror: stake-outs, shadowing, the search for safe-house. All this while waiting for the ultimate act, the action, the attack. The book was an editorial cause célèbre. And today, thirty years after the period known as “the years of lead”, this anonymous memoir still has something to say to us.

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