Walter Lazzaro

Text by Simone Ferrari and Felice Bonalumi with an English translation.

€ 42,00
Publisher: Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori
Pages: 184
ISBN/EAN: 9788860521606

For Lazzaro (1914-1989) drawing was always of great importance. Not second to painting, but rather its incipit. Nothing is so expressively terse as a drawing, not even the word. An excursus that begins with the first known drawing by the Maestro (done at only seven years old and dedicated to his father) and on to arrive at the drawings of his maturity which demonstrate a very contemporary immediacy and freshness of language. Almost like a diary composed of drawings, a few strokes synthesizing moments of his life and travels. Drawings that are testimony and narration of events, even daily events, all done with the artistic sensitivity of a grand Maestro.

Figures that have left a trace, personages whose portraits seem to speak to you. Among these are Carrà, Morandi, Ungaretti, De Chirico, the protagonists of an artistic and cultural season that was also Lazzaro

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