Lost & Found
Sometimes a dog can change your life

Jacqueline Sheehan

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 304
ISBN/EAN: 9788860521392

It’s morning: Rocky hears a thump coming from the upstairs bathroom. None of her husband Bob’s morning rituals can explain that noise. In fact, it’s not a day like all the others: it’s the day that will change her life forever. Because Rocky can’t do anything to save Bob from the heart attack that is killing him. There’s only the useless dash to the hospital, and then the deafening silence of a definitive absence.

Now all that remains are the hours she must face one after the other. Rocky cannot go back to her world, go back to her job as a psychologist, help the people who need her. The only life possible for her is where no one knows about her grief and pain. And Peak’s Island, a small island off the coast of Maine, seems to be the perfect place. There, Rocky can apply for vacant post of Animal Control Warden, reinvent herself and her past. Taking care of abandoned animals forces her into contact with the inhabitants of that small rock: that’s how she meets Tess, a woman with an extraordinary talent; old Isaiah, ex man of the church who knows how to look into people’s souls; and Melissa, an adolescent who is trying to disappear like her.

And then there’s Lloyd, an abandoned black Lab wandering around the island with an arrow lodged in his shoulder. Rocky’s wounded heart recognizes Lloyd’s pain and opens to him. The dog’s past also has a hidden secret: who did he belong to? Who almost killed him? While the friendship between Rocky and Lloyd becomes more necessary day by day, the mystery about the dog’s accident takes on very disturbing contours. Searching for the truth, Rocky encounters an archery instructor, a man who arouses all her suspicion, but who unexpectedly sweeps her away. Once more it will be Lloyd who points out the path to follow to his human friends, a path where everything is still possible.

The author
Jacqueline Sheehan, a psychologist, has written novels, short stories, essays non-fiction, radio scripts.

In addition to working as a psychologist, she teaches creative writing and holds seminars on yoga and writing. In the USA “Lost & Found” was an extraordinary success thanks to readers’ passing the word. Katherine Heigl, the star of Grey’s Anatomy and also a producer, has bought the film rights.

The author’s site is www.jacquelinesheehan.com

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