Markham Thorpe

Giles Waterfield

€ 16.00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 320
ISBN/EAN: 9788860520265

What’s in the safe-deposit box n.21 at the central station? And why on that day does Lydia, a Lithuanian prostitute, kill Bengt Nordwall, a model policeman and Inspector Grens’ only friend? That day, Ewert Grens was already at the hospital about a matter that went beyond justice. Twenty-five years before, his woman was thrown out of a moving car and has been paralyzed since then. The guilty party is Jochum Lang, a killer known to the police also for his ability in getting away with things. That day, Grens has the possibility of nailing Lang and giving sense to his pain. But Ewert Grens cannot imagine that these two cases would converge. Bengt Nordwall had an important role in the dirty business of selling women in which Lang is also involved. But Bengt’s widow must not know this. Even at the cost of covering the reality. And like Grens who wants to avoid humiliating this woman, young Inspector Sven Sundkvist intends to protect his superior from the tribunal. So there will be no one left to protect the new women victims taken by force from the Baltic countries. When the truth begins to be manipulated, everyone ends up losing, except the guilty party.

The author
Giles Waterfield grew up in Paris and Geneva. After working at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and as director of the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London, in 1996 he decided to dedicate himself to writing, teaching and organizing exhibits. Markham Thorpe is his third novel.

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