The Romance of Mozart III
The Brother of Fire

Christian Jacq

€ 16,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 360
ISBN/EAN: 9788860520289

After the birth of the Grand Lodge in Austria, Freemasonry has become a kind of official institution and is directly controlled by the emperor. Mozart’s destiny is more and more tied to that of the Order. First Companion, then Master: his ascent is dazzling, his activities intense. Thanks to Masonic inspiration, he composes The Marriage of Figaro. But happiness, we know, does not last. The Turks are at the gates of the Empire and Joseph II, who is busy defending its borders, emits a decree which limits the Masons’ freedom of action. Hard times are coming for the Masonic Brothers. And for Brother Mozart, the court of Vienna is full of pitfalls, also because Antonio Salieri plots in every possible way to obscure his fame. From one day to the other, Mozart’s star declines, his pockets are empty, and a terrible sorrow strikes at the heart of his affections.

The author
Christian Jacq is the undisputed master of the contemporary historical novel. He graduated from the Sorbonne with a degree in archaeology and Egyptology and wrote novels translated in more than 30 languages: among them is the best seller Ramses, which sold more than 27 million copies world-wide. He also wrote numerous popular history books.

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