The Empress of Silk II
The Usurper

José Frèches

€ 18,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 512
ISBN/EAN: 9788860520463

Lovely, ambitious Wuzhao is the bride of the young emperor of the Tang dynasty, Gaozong (7th century). But her thirst for power is not yet quenched. She wants to demonstrate at any cost to be the predestined one of an antique prophecy: China will have an empress. Ever more decided to attain her goal, Wuzhao understands that silk is the only way to get to the throne. More precious than gold and jade, it can be the means to buy the support of the Buddhist clergy. That is why she sets up a clandestine production of the precious fabric along the Road of Silk, but her path is strewn with obstacles. At court, many consider her a usurper, and someone who has intuited her plan will do everything to ruin it.

The author
José Frèches was born in Dax in the southwest of France and has travelled extensively during his life. An art historian, a sinologist, and a curator for some of the most important French museums, he currently heads an advertising agency and an art gallery.

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