Prisoner of Teheran

Marina Nemat

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 304
ISBN/EAN: 9788860521125

On January 15, 1982, two guards take sixteen-year-old Marina away from her parents’ home and bring her to Evin, Teheran’s main prison for political prisoners, with the accusation of having openly contested Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic regime. Marina, of Russian origin, is a practicing Orthodox-Christian, and at school, in spite of herself, she gave rise to a student strike. This is her fault and for this she will be sentenced to death after torture. But her story makes a sharp turn because in prison Ali, her jailer and her saviour, falls in love with her. The death penalty is changed into a life sentence but, in exchange for being saved, Marina must convert to Islam and is forced to marry Ali. She can do nothing at the moment for the other girls she has shared these months of violence, humiliation, fear and death with. Ali will be killed in an attack and Marina will manage to find the boy she loves and make a new life in Canada. More than twenty years after the fact, she decided to tell her and her fellow prisoners’ story. Prisoner of Teheran is in fact the extraordinary account of those two years, two months and twelve days in Evin, and of the physical and moral violence these women had to submit to.
The Author
Marina Nemat, an Orthodox Christian of Russian origin, was born and raised in Teheran during the years of the Islamic Revolution. In 1991 she emigrated to Toronto, Canada. Waitress in a restaurant outside Toronto, the wife of an engineer and the mother of two children, she kept her secret until her silence became too resounding. Then she began to write her story.

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