The Religion

Tim Willocks

€ 22,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 830
ISBN/EAN: 9788860520470

1565: Suliman the Magnificent sends the most powerful fleet of antiquity against the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem who barricaded themselves on the island of Malta. These warrior monks in fact are the Sultan’s last obstacle to his plan to convert southern Europe to the Prophet’s faith. The Knights’ doom seems sealed because of the incredible disparity in numbers: to save Malta and “the Religion,” as the Order of the Knights of St. John is called, the Grand Master must enrol an exceptional fighter. His name is Mattias Tannhäuser and for years he was a janissary in Suliman’s army. He is a veteran of pure Hell and it will not be easy to convince him to return to battle. Unless it is a woman who does it. And while the siege of Malta takes on the semblance of an apocalyptic battle, a desperate mother and a fearless warrior search for a child without a name. Meanwhile, the shadow of the Inquisition hovers above them…

The author
Tim Willocks is a cinema producer and a screenwriter, and an author of novels, among which the successful thriller The Final End of Creation, which marked him as one of the most promising writers in contemporary English fiction.

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