I’ll Follow You With My Eyes Closed

Rina Frank

€ 16
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 288
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-111-8

Forty-eight and separated, Rina – the same Rina Frank we met and loved in Every House Needs a Balcony – has recently suffered her sister’s death. She is consoled by love from her two children, the many friends that surround her and, above all, from Yaaqov, her new companion. But one morning, she wakes up with terrible pains in her left shoulder and shortly after, at the hospital, a horrible tumor between her lung and heart is diagnosed. The only possibility is a dangerous and invasive operation. Erez Green, an important surgeon, manages to remove the mass without removing the lung, and Rina feels she owes everything to this fascinating, successful man. He has not only given her back hope for a normal life, but he also immediately involved her in a love story that could take both of them far. Towards a new life together. Nine months. The passionate and gratifying love story lasts nine months. Nine months with “closed eyes” in which Rina doesn’t notice too many things. A novel about love, passion and the disappointments that light up and annihilate the soul.
The Author
Rina Frank was born in 1951 in Wadi Salib, near Haifa. She worked as a construction engineer, then as a marketing director, and finally as an internationally famous TV anchorwoman. Her first novel, Every House Needs a Balcony, sold more than one hundred thousand copies in a country with only six million inhabitants and was the Israeli editorial event of 2006.

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