A Queen Against Rome I
The Challenge to the Empire

A.B. Daniel

€ 17.50
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 368
ISBN/EAN: 978 88 6052 0739

Syria, 240 A.D. A girl child is born in a tent in the desert, near Palmyra. With her first cry, a ball of fire inflames the night as it crashes to earth, and water miraculously springs from the sand. The spring will change the life of the entire tribe. Zenobia, “God’s gift”, is the name of the child. At the same moment, on the banks of the Danube, young Roman officer Aurelius is facing the barbarians and, with the support of the gods, he wins despite having fewer men than his enemies. For Aurelius, who is acclaimed by the legions, this is the beginning of glory.

The destiny of this youth, a future Roman emperor, and of the woman who will be the Queen of Palmyra, are fated to cross. Lovely Zenobia wants to become empress, and Aurelius opposes her: once again there is a clash between East and West, and once again, the supreme power on Rome is at stake.

The author
The pseudonym A.B. Daniel hides the writer Jean-Daniel Baltassat and Bertrand Houette, who is responsible for the historical research. Their previous novel, Incas, was a world-wide best-seller translated into 25 languages.

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