Perfect Imperfection
Love What You Are


€ 16,50
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 320
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-107-1

A fundamental text for those who wish to go beyond the reign of fantasies, desires and projections, the shadows that accompany the many aspirations to liberty in our life, which are often destined to be shattered by daily life. Like the perhaps more famous Koan Zen, an enigma whose solution can be found only with a leap of intuition outside any scheme of thought, Osho lays bare the tragicomedy in which man finds himself living, literally lost in a drop of water. “The goose is out!” yells the Zen Master to his disciple, who must understand on the spot. Osho, instead, is more patient and at the same time more incisive with the reader. Page after page, he accompanies him in his path towards awareness and reawakening, helps him to face anguish, doubts and frustrations, and explains why one can choose to live as a beggar even though having the potentiality to be an emperor.

The author
Osho (1931-1990) is a contemporary Buddha, whose wisdom – which unites clarity of vision and a strong sense of humour – has touched the lives of millions of people all over the world. With his speeches and work on the renewing of meditation, Osho has laid the basis for the birth of what he defined “the new man”, a human being who once he has distanced himself from the madness of the past, bases his life on awareness, affirmation of life and liberty..

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