The Secret Essence
The Path of Love


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Osho takes the modern man by the hand along the path that leads to deepness of love, every type of love, so that he discovers himself. A course of initiation which, page after page, brings the reader to leave behind him needs, egoisms, and frustrations that belong to the common view of things, and to get ready for attaining the supreme harmony made of both passion and detachment. Living life as actors and not simple spectators, learning to love oneself in order to love life: this is Osho’s message, imparted through teachings of great topical interest, even in the poetry of the Indian mystic Kabir, who lived six hundred years ago.

The author
Osho (1931-1990) is a contemporary Buddha, whose wisdom – which unites clarity of vision and a strong sense of humour – has touched the lives of millions of people all over the world. With his speeches and work on the renewing of meditation, Osho has laid the basis for the birth of what he defined “the new man”, a human being who once he has distanced himself from the madness of the past, bases his life on awareness, affirmation of life and liberty..

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