100 Years of the Bull
The Grand History of the Turin Football Club

Edited by Franco Ossola

€ 38.00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 240
ISBN/EAN: 9788860520814

The legend, the myth, the tradition, the history of the Turin football club in an extraordinary book with the best photos of the garnet red epic.A century after its birth, the book offers an intelligent reconstruction of the fundamental stages in the history of a team and of a club that left their mark on Italian football. From its foundation in the Twenties to the first championship, from the Thirties of the Grande Torino to the Superga tragedy, from the reconstruction of the Fifties to the 1976 championship, until our times with Urbano Cairo’s presidency, the rebirth of the team and its return to the A league. A special chapter is dedicated to the players who became symbols of the garnet red epic and to the “twelfth man”, the fans. The appendix contains a wealth of statistical data for those who want to know all the details of a century-long story.

The author
The son of the unforgettable outside left of the Grande Torino, architect Franco Ossola has evidently inherited from his father (whom he never knew) a passion for football and the garnet red team. In fact, he is one of the most famous experts of the Turin football club and its history, and he has surely written more about it than anyone else.

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