The Special One. The Wit and Wisdom of José Mourinho

Edited by Giancarlo Padovan

€ 10,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Extra
Pages: 144
ISBN/EAN: 9788860521972

The total Mourinho sentence by sentence, quote after quote, biting comments and sarcastic remarks, declarations and provocations, maxims and minimums. Besides being a collection of his well known and less known expressions, the book explains Mourinho, «the Special One»: charmer, successful coach, innovative sportsman, modern manager.

The man who won a Champions League, the UEFA Cup, two championships in Portugal and two in England. The man who now has the Inter team in his hands. Controversial and difficult to label – what comes froth from the brief biography in the book – Mourinho talks about himself, his philosophy of life and the game, the spirit that animates him, and he goes into the world of soccer in depth, but he ends up dealing with today’s society: systems, relationships, values. What emerges is a model-Mourinho, unkown to most people and, above all, a stranger to the convention, always lying in wait for what’s new and different.

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