Rubbish Boyfriends

Jessie Jones

€ 17,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 416
ISBN/EAN: 9788860521750

Three centimetres, four, five... the hours of labour last a lot longer than 60 minutes: in the midst of the screams and moans, the epidurals and breathing techniques, the midwives and the affectionate but awkward behaviour of her life-long friend, Dayna reminisces about her active love life. She goes through a long list of boyfriends, one after the other “trashed”, a series of experiments done by «trial and error» that mark her life from college – where she never enrolled – to the delivery room. There’s muscle-bound Simon, cuddly as a teddy-bear but with the libido of a rabbit under the effect of Viagra. How could she put up with his crazy mania for cuddly toys and skirts? Then there’s Chris: handsome, sensitive, wild about ancient history and a strict vegetarian. By the time he makes the transformation from an amateur musician into a world famous rock star, it’s too late for Dayna!

Then it’s Archie’s turn. Greek god body, witty, imaginative in bed, all the allure of a rough diamond. Until he shows his real colours.
Gabriel: breathtaking body, supersexy… the shortest one-nighter in the history of one-nighters. Mark: simply perfect! Handsome, sweet, altruistic, generous, interesting. It’s too much. Finally, Cristian: Prince Charming. One metre eighty of pure sensuality, elegant, rich, attentive. He even gives her the fateful diamond. Is the right man the one in whom she can’t find even one imperfection?

A boyfriend to trash for every centimetre of dilation she manages, so many exhilirating adventures that almost got Dayna right up to the altar. But, together with her in the delivery room, we’re still asking ourselves who exactly is the father of the baby girl about to be born?
The Author
Jessie Jones is the pseudonym of a famous woman writer from London who is working on her sixth novel.

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