My Husband’s Sweethearts

Bridget Asher

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 272
ISBN/EAN: 9788860521996

Lucy doesn’t know what to do. Six months ago she left home and threw herself into her work. Because she found out that Artie, her romantic and fascinating husband, has never been faithful. But now she finds out that Artie is on his death bed. It could be the nth trick to get her back, like the flowers he has sent to her every day no matter where she is. Or, it could be the simple truth. But why in heaven’s name should she, the betrayed wife, have to take care of everything? If her husband’s sweethearts were there enjoying the good times, why shouldn’t they be there to put up with the hard times? Lucy makes up her mind: she’ll go back home but she won’t take on all the responsibility about Artie’s illness. She’ll use that unfaithful man’s full address book and call up all his lovers, inviting them to come and pay their last respects.

The last thing Lucy expects is that someone will actually show up. But one after another they turn up on the doorstep: the one that hates him, the one whose life he saved, the one who discovered she was lesbian while she was with him, the one who learned to dance thanks to him. And then, more fireworks, young John, maybe his long-lost son.

In the midst of tears, confessions and outbursts, Lucy and her husband’s sweethearts share memories and secrets, become accomplices and rivals, and create a bond that very much resembles the warmth of a new and surprising family. Observing her husband’s lovers gather around his bedside, Lucy begins to really know her husband, the man she can neither pardon nor accept losing.

My Husband’s Sweethearts is a novel about mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, women who become friends, sweet liars and tender lovers. It is about the thousand incomprehensible ways we can love. An ironic, light comedy that explores the tenuous boundaries separating love from hate and the need to understand and judge from the desire to abandon oneself to the power of emotions.

The author
Bridget Asher lives in Florida with her husband, an adorable, sweet, sincere man who has never given her reason to make inquiries about his previous girlfriends.

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