With Violets

Elizabeth Robards

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Young, beautiful and very talented, Berthe follows her dream of becoming a famous artist. The quiet submission that society requires of her does not interest her in the least; she has no time for such frivolous things as love and marriage. Brilliant, talked about and scandalous, Édouard is one of the great artists of his time. His Olympia, shown in the Salon in 1865, created an uproar in all the salons of Paris.

One day, standing in front of a masterpiece in the Louvre, their eyes meet and they are both struck by a coup de foudre, contrary to any consideration of propriety or common sense.

This, against the background of a Paris where the winds of change are blowing in art as in politics, is the beginning of the intense passion between the father of Impressionism, Édouard Manet, and Berthe Morisot whom he immortalized in many of his most famous paintings. Manet is married to an unattractive woman whom he does not love, but his love story with Berthe is not destined to be an ordinary story of adultery because Berthe is a strong, modern woman and is not resigned to the life of solitude and isolation that her role as the other woman would confine her to. Manet becomes her mentor and teacher and she, his muse. She refines her painting which opens numerous and surprising opportunities for her. She sees her dream come true: exhibiting her paintings, the only woman, next to the paintings of Degas, Monet, Pissarro.

With violets is a all-consuming love story, but it is also the story of Impressionism, where painting enters the scene as a real character: we can smell the linseed oil and the damp brushes, admire the delicate and brilliant colours as famous paintings come alive before our eyes

The author
Elizabeth Robards, first a reporter and now a full-time writer, lives and works in Florida. www.elizabethrobards.com

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