Clara Rojas

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 240
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-250-4

The pages in which Clara Rojas reconstructs her kidnapping by the FARC (Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces) and her six year imprisonment in the tropical forest are an intense succession of emotions and strong feelings which are dominated by the “furious tiger’s” love for her son Emmanuel and her faith in a final justice.

Six years of exhausting marches while back-packing heavy military equipment with the risk of ending up in the crossfire between guerrillas and the regular army, without counting the dangers represented by ferocious animals, flash floods or  tropical diseases. Six years without the sun because in the depth of the forest it is dark even during the day. Six years on the edge of madness because the forest is not only prison and ceaseless battle, but also a closing in on oneself, horror, and desperation that turns into not being able to stand the companion chained to you. As Conrad wrote, it is an encounter with the world’s heart of darkness.

Surrounding Clara Rojas is a chorus of extreme personages: guerrillas trained for war since childhood, women soldiers who organize surreal beauty salons in the encampments, lucid and pitiless commandants and prisoners who go out of their heads. And in this nightmare atmosphere – failed escapes, punishment in chains, segregation in cages, a pregnancy and a caesarean birth in the middle of the forest with inexpert assistance from some guerrillas with vague notions of nursing and veterinary medicine – Clara Rojas goes through a tough apprenticeship of patience in which a bath in the muddy waters of an equatorial river, a song heard by chance on a transistor radio or a mess tin full of rice and milk can be moments of intense happiness.

An enthralling book that reconstructs from a very personal point of view the tragedy of a war the Western world has ignored for years.
Laura Pariani

The author
Clara Rojas was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1963. A lawyer specialized in commercial and tax law, she has worked as a legal consultant for various legal firms. She has always combined her profession with a passion for politics. As a result she became part of the electoral staff of Ingrid Betancourt’s Partido Verde Oxígeno. She was imprisoned by the FARC guerrillas from 2002 to 2008.

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