Treatise on Fairies, Elves, Gnomes and Other Fantastic Creatures
By Ismaël Mérindol

Introduction and adaptation by Édouard Brasey

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Extra
Pages: 384
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-329-7

Remember those sweet, protective ladies, the fairies, with pointed hats and star-studded robes that populated the fables of our infancy? Forget Cinderella and the Sleeping Beauty for a moment, and come discover the real nature of fairies in their «real world», a world that is not far away, that surrounds us and is over and under us. Your guide in this extraordinary voyage is an erudite man with an adventurous life, a scholar who travelled in all of Europe between the 1400 and 1500’s, the author of writings that inspired Leonardo, Rabelais and Paracelsus.

Who better than Ismaël Mérindol, a changeling, the child of a fairy, could lead you through the meanders of this magic cosmos where each of the four elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) hosts different but always fascinating creatures like Undines and Sylphs, Gnomes and Salamanders? Who better than he can tell you about the secrets of the Little People, fairy love, their delicate relations with humans, the legends and myths about the Gnomes’ treasures, the secret of long life, and some less benign creatures that lurk in the woods and torrents? With the help of other ancient books where fantasy weds philosophy, you will follow in the author’s footsteps to discover a world where the confine between dream and reality is evanescent. Because, as Mérindol reminds us, «nothing exists that hasn’t already been dreamt».

The author
Ismaël Mérindol, an erudite traveller with an adventurous life, the author of a book impossible to find which now has been recovered from the unmerited oblivion in which it laid abandoned thanks to the untiring research of Édouard Brasey, a French editor and writer, an expert on magic and fantasy, the author of numerous books and the discoverer of the famous Trattato di Vampirologia (Cairo Editore, 2009).

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