60 Years Later

Fredrik Colting

€ 16.00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 260
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-396-9

In a day apparently like any other, a young guy wakes up in a room he doesn’t recognize and full of things that aren’t his. He only remembers that he fell asleep as usual, and he’s trying to understand where he is. Then he looks in a mirror and sees an old man, an old man who’s taken possession of his body. His parents will have a stroke when they find out what’s happened to him. His brother D.B. won’t believe it when he tells him about it. And not even his little sister, old Phoebe. Or maybe it’s all a dream, the kind you dream you’re dreaming?

But the dream doesn’t disappear. So what to do? The only possibility is to get out of there – and fast – out of that place that seems halfway between a hospital and a hotel. Anyway, he always does that: when he doesn’t like something his first thought is to take off. The only possible place: New York. Just like that other time.

Far from there, in a room full of books, a man his putting the finishing touches on his diabolical plan. More than half a century before, he made what turned out to be a fatal error. With his own hands he created a youth who then became much more famous than he. In fact, the truth is the kid ruined his life. Because like Frankenstein, he became more powerful than his father-demiurge. And now the moment has arrived for the showdown. While the youth/old man wanders the streets of New York in search of answers where familiar faces and flashes of memory help him to reconstruct his story, an invisible thread attracts him to where he his fate awaits him.

The author
Fredrik Colting, 35, was born in Borås in the south of Sweden, where he lives, writes and works as an editor.

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