A Question of Hormones

Marion Gluck and Vicki Edgson

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She is known all over the world as «the hormone doctor», a guru for natural cure of female hormonal imbalances. For more than twenty years Marion Gluck has seen thousands of patients from Australia to Europe who follow her therapies. From the premenstrual syndrome to hormone level drops after giving birth and on to extreme cases of post-natal depression; from those who want to increase fertility to those experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms or the actual menopause. At some moment in her life, every single woman has the sensation of losing control of her body. And every woman, sooner or later, must tackle the choice whether to use H.S.T. (hormone substitute therapy), whose side-effects are much disputed. A Question of Hormones lets us know about the possibility of an alternative to medicine: bio-identical hormones extracted from plants like soy and yams and which are identical to those produced by our endocrine system.

Since they are identical, our organism does not perceive any difference and they function as if the body itself had produced them. Moreover, they are natural as they already exist in nature, as opposed to synthetic hormones produced in a lab. They also have the advantage that they may be prescribed in a made to measure therapy which takes into account the uniqueness of each patient. Marion Gluck tells the stories of the many women she has encountered over the course of her long experience as a doctor. And Vicki Edgson, among the most esteemed nutritionists in the United Kingdom, backs her up with diet advice. By now, the influence of diet on our body’s general functioning is confirmed even by the most traditional medicine and, in particular, it has been ascertained that to get our hormones to work at their best, it is indispensable to also adopt a correct life-style at table.

A Question of Hormones helps us to make comparisons with the experiences of other women and to choose with full knowledge of the facts how to help ourselves.

The author
Marion Gluck, born in Warsaw, grew up in Israel and Austria. She began her medical studies in Australia and finished in Germany. After a year in the emergency room, she was a general practitioner for 25 years in Europe, Australia and Asia. She specialized in treating hormonal imbalances.

Vicki Edgson is one of the United Kingdom’s most important nutritionists. She has directed a naturopathic clinic for 15 years in London. She writes about food and nutrition for the principal English daily newspapers.

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