Maria Gioia Dall’Aglio
General Catalogue of Works (First Volume)

Edited by Paolo Levi

€ 35,00
Editore: Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori
Pagine: 152
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-126-2

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Maria Gioia Dall’Aglio shows style and wisdom in placing sensually regal women at the center of her paintings. In her poetic and metaphysical world, images are fixed in deliberate stasis rather similar to an archaic fresco.The works of the Mantuan artist are characterized by a light touch, soft colors, tenuous tones and delicate nuances.

Hers is a velvety world where the objectivity of vision is inserted into an unusual spatiality, revealing itself in a chromatic tissue of elegantly laid tones. More than 70 reproductions, texts and editing by Paolo Levi.

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