Roberto Comelli
Visual Breaking Down. From impression to expression

Editore: Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori

in breve
Preface by Germano Beringheli

An important catalogue that collects and presents the artistic periods and the work of Roberto Comelli, a polyhedric artist particularly appreciated by the art market. Born in Cremona in 1951, his family later moved to Genoa where he still lives and works. His paintings, done for the most part with palette knife and oils, are distinguished by their material character and evidence the immediate and spontaneous use of the knife with the result of great pictorial vigour.

For years, Comelli has been involved in a study of colour, light and movement, elements that characterize artistic personality and which he has succeeded in harmonizing in his works with balanced energy.

As the art critic Germano Beringheli writes in the preface: “A characteristic of the great French painter (Duchamp) was to look “through” in order to go “beyond’. This is equally true for Roberto Cornelli’s works which when looked at go beyond, revealing, in their spatiality, a dynamic tridimensionality which is the fruit of his continual optical-perceptive researches”.

Breaking down in order to compose: a new and fascinating path in painting.

More than one hundred forty colour images.

A book that art lovers must have on their bookshelves.

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