Milan Goldschmiedt
The Singular Creative Path of an Atypical Artist. Works 1974-2007

Critical Text by Luca Beatrice

€ 49
Editore: Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori
Pagine: 192
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-127-9

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Born in Zagabria in 1931, Milan Goldschmiedt arrived in Italy in 1952 after some interesting international artistic experiences in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Europe. As the book title suggests, his artistic path was atypical.

Goldschmiedt was a cartoonist, a scene designer and a graphic artist for very popular advertising campaigns for Italian and foreign firms. Since 1974, he has dedicated himself exclusively to painting and sculpture, inventing a completely original and unique technique. Among his favorite subjects are fantastic scenes of “other worlds” populated by grotesque, composite beings.

In recent years, Goldschmiedt has undergone a radical change that brought him to executing works of great graphic elegance and plastic fullness.

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