In Flight from Shadow

Federico Andreoli

€ 18,50
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 560
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-101-9

There’s a hotel in Switzerland where one pays to die. It’s called the Good Rest Hotel, and one dies there painlessly, discreetly. The cost is high, but professionalism is guaranteed. Ombra (Shadow), the mysterious killer who kills those who have chosen to put an end to their existence because of pain or unhappiness, receives the assignment and strikes. How and when are decided by him.

But life is the mother of surprises. And it can happen that two broken souls unite and choose to go on fighting. Katie, lovely Katie, to save her beloved daughter. Surgeon Sebastiano Ghedini to have justice. Too late. Death cannot be escaped, especially if you were the one who armed it. Especially if your killer is called Ombra.

The author
Federico Andreoli, a journalist, lived abroad for many years. He has collaborated with L’Europeo, La Fiera letteraria, Sogno, Playboy, Novella 2000 (which he also directed), Oggi (co-director). He has created television shows for Mediaset and worked in the theatre and the cinema

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