I Love You, I Kill You
True Stories of Lovers-Murderers

Edited by Mauro Zola

€ 12,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 176
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-121-7

Alan D. Altieri, Claudio Brachino, Massimo Carlotto, Enzo Catania, Marcello Fois, Luca Telese, Nicoletta Vallorani, Mauro Zola

Love and death are indissolubly bound in myth, literature, art and, above all, in real life. In fact, Italian newspapers of the last thirty years are a confirmation that love stories and acts of violence are often interwoven.

Ten of the best Italian writers – five mystery story writers and five journalists – narrate ten famous real crime stories. Their aim? To find out about what has always bound passion to destruction. To investigate all the possible variations of love as linked to crime. The reader discovers Jealous Love, like Terry Broome’s, the model who shot the Milanese playboy Francesco D’Alessio; Mercenary Love, the obsession of the serial killer Gianfranco Stevanin, who murdered at least five prostitutes. The Noble Love of the incurable voyeur, the Marquis Casati Stampa who pushed his wife into another’s arms and then killed them both; and the Shattered Love of Giovanni Falcone and Francesca Morvillo, the victims of the Capaci Mafia massacre.

Ten tragic stories as interpreted by ten authors. Ten different but equally perspicacious views on events that shocked the Italian public opinion.

The author
Mauro Zola, is a journalist and the director of Noir Magazine

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