I Will Kill Christopher Columbus

Gino Nebiolo

€ 18,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 400
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-122-4

Rights sold to: Planeta - Spanish language

Spain during the “re-conquest” is a land ravaged by long years of war and is in the clutches of the Inquisition. This is the reality, the background for the great event of the discovery of America which the book is centred on. Historical documentation is embellished by the novelist’s passion and invention.

I Will Killl Christopher Columbus in fact is the story of a long-sought vendetta against Christopher Colombus by Juan Rodriguez Bermejo, the sailor who first sighted the island of San Salvador on 12 October, 1492, and who yelled “Land ho!”. But the avid and unscrupulous Admiral stole the scene from him affirming he first saw the coast and, what counts more, Columbus subtracted the reward of 10,000 gold pieces promised by the Crown. With that money, Juan Rodriguez Bermejo could have led a peaceful life. That is why he wants to kill Columbus, no matter if he must become a soldier, a deserter, thief, brothel keeper or Moslem to do it. Will he succeed? Though invention prevails over history, the exciting adventures of these two exceptional antagonists engagingly take the reader through a little known era.

The author
Gino Nebiolo is a Piedmont journalist and writer. He has worked for some of the great dailies and for the RAI, especially as special and foreign correspondent. He was the first We s t e rn journalist in Peking at the time of Mao, after the break between China and the USSR. Then he was in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Beirut, Paris. He has done numerous reportages for the TV newscasts ranging from the season of the colonial countries’ independence to the wars in Africa and the Middle East. I Will Killl Christopher Columbus is his third novel.

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