Voice Center

Zelda Zeta

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 224
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-071-5

A five-floor, smoked-glass building. Five layers of posts stacked like beehive cells – a morass of headphones, microphones, screens and voices that mingle and collide into a thundering cacophony.

From the promotion of the latest household appliances to the best pickles of the country tradition; from interviews to Gioiabella subscribers to Firetel customer care – all this and much more goes on at Voice Center, the city’s real call center. And in the hive of voices, under the watchful gaze of a beautiful Cerberus as sensitive as a medusa, the destinies of eleven heroes intertwine.

A parade of human types sharing the bewilderment of “liquid love affairs” and leading a precarious existence where the only certainty is uncertainty.

The author
ZELDA ZETA is the pseudonym of:
Pepa Cerutti. A former publicist, she is currently a freelance writer who tells about books, blogs and journeys. Put that way it sounds pretty cool. In fact, she has the purchasing power of a Yang Tze valley labourer.
Chiara Mazzotta. She is a typical example of a temporary worker – but in Milan she is referred to as a freelancer because it sounds better. She proofreads and writes for a number of monthly magazines. She’s not much of a worker but as long as there are words going around everything is fine.
Antonio Spinaci. He is an unwilling proofreader of real-estate advertisements. He edits “Flat with barfroom” into “Flat with bathroom” and things like that. Without his help the paper would be far more entertaining.

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