Inside Animals’ Mind
A Journey into the Workings of Animals’ Intelligence

Danilo Mainardi

€ 15,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 256
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-042-8


As Mainardi says, “the minds of other species are … neither better nor worse than the human mind, they are simply adapted for other styles of life.” In a series of fast-paced, delightful anecdotes, the author addresses different forms of animal intelligence analogous to themes belonging to our human world: self-awareness, free choice, problem solving, happiness and depression, the ability to count, understanding the law of gravity, the sense of doubt, teamwork, dreaming, animal politics. “Animals differ from humans, says Mainardi, “only because they don’t know that sooner or later they will die.”

The anecdotes are not just about the most famous “thinking” species like monkeys and elephants, dogs and cats, dolphins and horses: but also about rats, hens, fish, bees and many others. True stories that demonstrate animals’ self-awareness (the famous “mirror test”), their capacity to experience happiness, like the mysterious dance of a hare by the light of the moon, or their clever problem solving like the herons who steal bread to use it as bait.

Mainardi writes about animals with affection and understanding, a touch of humour, and paints a uniquely vivid picture accompanied by charming sketches strewn throughout the book.

The author
Danilo Mainardi is Italy’s most important ethologist/ecologist. He lives in Venice and is professor of Behavioural Ecology at the University of Venice, president of the LIPU (Italian League for the Protection of Birds), member of the National Academy of Sciences, former president of the Italian Ethology Society and the Italian Ecology Society. He writes for the Corriere della Sera and popular scientific magazines like Airone and Quark, and is widely known for his participation in science programs in TV.

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