Politics at Heart
Secrets and Lies of the Second Republic


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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 238
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-145-3

Politics in the heart and the heart in politics. Always with passion, dignity and courage. Even when you are betrayed by your own heart. But your hopes, continually renewed and continually crushed while waiting for a heart transplant, do not undermine your vocation for commitment and combat. Nor your irony. After having written about personages, events and misdeeds of the First Republic in Strettamente riservato, Strictly Confidential, and X-raying the depressing reality of the first eight years of the Second in Dietro le quinte, Behind the Scenes, Geronimo returns to a seat in Parliament and to talking to his readers with the third book of his memoirs.

The country has changed greatly, not necessarily for the better: there is an all-out anti-politics offensive that has found its key word in the term “the caste”. Besides, says Geronimo, if a tenuous evil is devouring politics, and politics does not know how to react, it will end by meriting the furious attacks made on it. However, despite the spreading mistrust, the nation’s salvation is, as always, in politics and in its revitalization.

The suggestion is be very much on guard against the finance-information plot, “the big, new power that is trying to govern the country without having democratic legitimacy”. And against that sparse minority of prosecutors that continue to be “the weapon of politics». Geronimo has many things to tell about: there’s the chrono-history of the “Big Lies”, in other words, the majority system and its democratic failures; the attempts to revive the Christian Democrat party; the unprecedented crisis of his native Naples. Then there are the secrets and the foul-play of the “palace” and the economical-financial world, the potentates, the old and the new alliances.

The author
Geronimo is the pseudonym of a “thoroughbred” protagonist of Italian politics. Five years president of the House Budget Commission, at various times a Minister in the First Republic, and currently president of the Christian Democrat group for the Autonomies in Montecitorio. Commentator for Il Giornale and columnist for other national dailies, and author of Strettamente riservato. Le memorie di un superministro della Prima Repubblica, Strictly Confidential. The Memoirs of a Superminister of the First Republic (2000) and Dietro le quinte. La crisi della politica della Seconda Repubblica, Behind the Scenes. The Political Crisis of the Second Republic (2002).

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