Beautiful and Vintage
Socially Incorrect Survival Course for Grown Girls

Januaria Piromallo, illustrations by Alice Crepax

€ 13,50
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 192
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-103-3

Second Edition

An amusing self-help manual that, once and for all, shouts at the world about the charm of those who were once considered “women of a certain age.”

From the Eleven Commandments for Good Use of the Mirror to the Practical Guide to Conservational Restoration, from poisonous portraits of high society ladies to Mini-Clues for Menopausal Sex, a survival and maintenance kit for all the still irresistible ex-girls who suddenly discover they have become ladies. Ideal for downplaying the passage of time and ironically celebrating a woman’s finest era in life.

The authors
Januaria Piromallo is a Neapolitan journalist and society reporter; she currently writes for Corriere Magazine, Panorama, Capital, Dagospia.

Alice Crepax Giordana, the granddaughter of the unforgettable creator of Valentina, collaborates as an illustrator with Sette, Diario, Amica, GQ, Panorama, Grazia, Yoga Journal.

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