Computers for desperate housewives
The internet, e-mails, chatting, MP3s – surviving in the digital age

Alessandra Samaritani Ruggiero

€ 13,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 224
ISBN/EAN: 978 88 6052 0760


Unfreeze your computer and configure your e-mail programme, connect to the Internet and burn a CD, download music in mp3 format and scan a newspaper cutting. Here is an invaluable manual for getting yourself into the Internet era easily, and it’s fun to find out that hidden behind those threatening words like megabyte, worms and spyware, there are simple things that anyone can do. This is a book for beginners – housewives and non housewives – who are frightened by technology but feel the need to take part in that vast world that can’t be lived in without a computer.

The book begins with the simplest directions for connecting the leads and turning on a computer, then it familiarizes you with the mouse and the keyboard, then on to using basic programmes, configuring your e-mail and surfing on the web. And last but not least, a stupidary about all the possible and imaginable little disasters and a semi-serious glossary. When you get to the last page, you’ll discover that e-mail and chats are no longer a mystery, virtual voyages are everyday stuff, viruses are not contagious, and life can be a lot easier with the help of a computer.

The author
Alessandra Samaritani Ruggiero is married, the mother of three children and is a part-time housewife. She does PR for Professor Sergio Angeletti, an internationally famous biologist and columnist for the Corriere della Sera. This is her first book.

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