Confessions of a Lawyer Without a Degree

Giuditta Russo

€ 16,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 288
ISBN/EAN: 9788860520340

The life of Giuditta Russo, princess of the Neapolitan courts, seemed successful. After graduating with excellent marks from university, she began a rising career. The results speak for themselves: Russo always wins, and is soon able to open two law offices. But at a certain point, something goes wrong: a difficult case, a huge recompense, and the sensation of being trapped. So Giuditta decides to face the hardest tribunal of her life: she goes to the Public Prosecution offices and makes a self-accusation. Yes, because in reality, she never got her degree in jurisprudence and her entire existence is built upon a lie.

In this true story, Giuditta Russo makes her confession in a gripping account that is courageous and implacable. Her story, in fact, speaks for something in each of us: all of us, at least once, have lied to be loved.

The author
In 1993 Giuditta Russo faked a law degree and for more than ten years she worked as a civil lawyer. In 2005 she made a self-accusation. After wiping out her past with this book, for which the cinema rights have been bought, she began a new life.

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