Baffo’s Word
The Bitter Life of a TV Seller

Roberto Da Crema

€ 12,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 144
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-124-8

“Il Baffo” (the Moustache) tells his story: a happy childhood by the Po River, his father a whiz at bowls, and his school years. Then, work: working in a car body shop, getting involved in union battles, selling household appliances door to door.

He’ll be a salesman for thirty years, and he’ll always be the best. Being a TV salesman came about by chance. He realizes right away that he has to be a yeller and “fake asthma so people are glued to the screen thinking he’ll have a heart attack.” Hydromassages, watches, shirts, ladders, gym equipment, jackets, animal food. And not just in Italy, but also in Malta, Portugal, Spain and France. But it’s not always easy.

He grieves deaths, has personal defeats and professional errors. Then there’s roulette: some sincere and drama-filled pages are dedicated to his gambling, his debts and the loan sharks. He is equally sincere when he tackles his problems with justice and bankruptcy. Like everything else in his life, Roberto Da Crema owes his rebirth only to himself. And perhaps a bit to television, namely the Italia Uno program La fattoria: he was eliminated from the program because he used blasphemy, something he has been sorry about to this day. But he paid even for that mistake and it helped him go forward. So here’s to the next. Baffo’s word.

The author
Roberto Da Crema, “Il Baffo” (the Moustache), is one of the most popular TV personalities. Exuberant, likeable, effervescent, a natural promoter and entertainer, he was the undisputed king of TV sales in the Nineties. Recently he has participated in numerous RAI and Mediaset TV programs (Teo Mammucari’s Libero, the reality show La fattoria, Fabio Canino’s Martian Chronicles). He had a daily program on Radio Italia, Baffo di sera, for years. His problems with justice – an accusation of fraudulent bankruptcy – date back to 2003.

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