A great great love

Sandro Mayer

€ 8.00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 80
ISBN/EAN: 9788860521781

A light commedy in two acts

Gianpaolo is rich, very rich, and he doesn’t like being alone. He wanders the streets of Naples looking for company and meets Sebastiano, a handsome youth who dreams of a better life. The life that Gianpaolo can give him. After forty years many things have changed, or perhaps nothing has. Gianpaolo has fulfilled his life-long ambition to be onstage. For everyone now, he is Wanda, the 20th century female, the great singer, the divine soubrette. Sebastiano who always waits for him at home, hidden away from the world, has become Filumena for his capricious and moody companion. And Filumena waits on him hand and foot. Exactly like Filumena Marturano in De Filippo’s comedy. And exactly like her, on the occasion of a Spanish show on tour, Filumena transvestite/desperate housewife decides to trap his despotic lover. But that fateful and longed for yes will not be the only tempest that turns the extravagant star’s life topsy-turvy… Inspired by Eduardo De Filippo’s masterpiece, Sandro Mayer adds a wealth of choreographic and musical details to the famous scenario: from Claudio Villa to Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. The result is a hilarious comedy of errors that ably mixes very human and everyday life with burning topical issues.

The author
Sandro Mayer is a reporter with great experience that ranges from entertainment to the news and from politics to reportages. For thirty years director of periodicals, currently he is director of Dipiù, DipiùTV and TVMia for Cairo Editore. His theatrical pieces are the comedies
Il silenzio dei sogni, Bivio d’amore and the musical Il miracolo di Padre Pio.

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