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Laura Logli

€ 12,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 160
ISBN/EAN: 9788860521804


What’s the best way to face a separation or divorce? What should we do with an unfaithful or physically abusive husband, or an ex who doesn’t pay support? How can we protect ourselves when we’re living with someone or married to a foreigner? How can we defend ourselves from an ex-boyfriend or a stranger who obsessively molests? Many women wrongly believe they have to find the solution for such delicate and thorny personal problems alone and, in most cases, have no idea of the legal rights and duties connected to being a wife, companion, mother, daughter. So often they are unable to use the protective instruments the law guarantees them when their love and family relationships deteriorate or become problematic, difficult and violent.

From afar, law appears to be a real labyrinth in which one can get lost, an incomprehensible world protected by a technical language that is impenetrable for outsiders; still, every woman should be aware of her rights and know about law in order to avoid having her dignity trampled or that others make decisions for her, unknown to her, against her will or her self-interests. Laura Logli, a lawyer and expert in legal psychology, guides her readers, using examples and testimonies, to discovering the instruments that jurisprudence offers to all women to safeguard themselves in their emotional relationships, from the personal, legislative and even economic point of view. With rare experience and sensitivity, the author transforms this voyage through the world of family law into a voyage through the deepest nodes of femininity, unveiling the most common stereotypes. It is a voyage that all women, living in a couple happily or in the midst of a crisis, should take at least once in their lives.

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Laura Logli, a Milanese lawyer and an expert in legal psychology, has vast experience in family and minors’ law. She collaborates with the publications Metro, Natural Style and For Men Magazine.
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