Casi Freddi – Cold Cases
A special investigation squad for 9 cold cases

Various authors – Edited by Mauro Zola

€ 13,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Scrittori italiani
Pages: 208
ISBN/EAN: 9788860521774

Massimo Picozzi, Alberto Intini, Luciano Garofano, Antonio Rossitto, Cristiana Lodi, Adolfo Ferraro, Mauro Zola, Jessica Ochs, Piernicola Silvis
They call them cold cases, crimes where the guilty party is uncertain or unknown, cases that were never closed or cases where judicial truth is too shadowy. And this means that somewhere there are still victims waiting for justice, victims asking not to forget. Because now old evidence can be looked at with new eyes and, especially, new techniques. What makes the difference is forensic science which provides the necessary aid to the traditional investigative work which evidently was not sufficient in the cold cases. Hypothesizing links, picking up abandoned leads, looking for new intuitions: that’s what the exceptional squad reunited in this book does.

So while the criminologist Massimo Picozzi tackles one of the most famous unsolved cases, the Black Dahlia, Colonel Luciano Garofano of the Parma Ris (the Forensic Department of Carabinieri) explains how today it would be easy to cast light on the homicide performed by a married couple, the Bebawis, during Italy’s post-war boom.

Alberto Intini, director of the Police Forensic Department, summarizes his experience on the subject by reconstructing a perfect example of a solved cold case, and Piernicola Silvis, a policeman and writer, evokes the era of the Seventies kidnappings and tells about a terrible vendetta. Antonio Rossitto, a reporter for Panorama, narrates how twenty years after the so-called “sect murder”, the investigation finally seems to be arriving at a solution, while the young criminologist Jessica Ochs explains to us how the «West Memphis three», accused of one of the cruellest crimes known in America, appear to be victims of a series of Kafkaesque judiciary events.

But the solution to another case where it seems that science for once betrayed the investigators, narrated by the journalist Mauro Zola, seems further and further away: the case of the Italian “Unabomber” who set his lethal traps in the Northeast. Also in the case of Ciccio and Tore, the two little brothers from Gravina in Puglia, the truth has ended up at the bottom of the abandoned well where they died: the well from which Cristiana Lodi, correspondent for Libero, begins her memories of the case.

The case of the killer, the Boia of Albenga, condemned for a murder in which the shadows of dark plots and deviated secret services are interwoven is also full of uncertainties in the story told by Adolfo Ferraro, who had the killer as a patient at the prison psychiatric hospital in Aversa.

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