Dear Love

Clara Sereni

€ 12,50
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 176
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-217-7

Family ties, as we know, are often a little uncomfortable and only slightly reassuring. We are all tied to each other by a thread – writes Clara Sereni –, but when there’s a disabled person at the other end of the thread, everything changes. Because people who are different have a harder time living, and no one knows better than those who accompany them through the difficulties of every day.

How do parents of the disabled feel, so exposed to people’ judgement and society’s inefficiencies? Is it true that today they are more guaranteed, that they feel less shame? How do the most fragile tell about their own experiences? How do they live out their relationships with brothers, sisters, close relatives? And when it’s the parents who have problems, what does it mean to be their children?

Stories about love where love is stronger and dearer. Stories about love where love also costs dearly. Stories where one cannot always draw a balance sheet, unfinished stories. But when these stories about life find words, they can also run freely and serenely, surprise us, move towards fable and dream.

Constructing a future, giving voice to hope: the letter form is the most direct, more sensitive to contradictions, freer. That’s why Clara Sereni asked for letters from well-known people in show business, journalism, literature and politics like Franco Amurri, Oliviero Beha, Giovanni Maria Bellu, Gloria Buffo, Paola Cortellesi, Barbara Garlaschelli, Valentina Locchi, Kicca Menoni, Pulsatilla, Lunetta Savino, people who live with their own diversity or with that of others. Because through their testimonies it is easier to understand and be understood, help and help yourself, narrate and tell about yourself. For us also.

The author
Clara Sereni was born in Rome and lives in Perugia. A writer who has been for years in politics and the world of voluntary work; she is president of the Foundation «La città del sole» - a non-profit organization that constructs life projects for people with physical and mental disabilities. Among her books, the ones she loves the most are Casalinghitudine (Einaudi 1987, Rizzoli 2007), Manicomio primavera (Giunti 1989, Rizzoli 2009), Il gioco dei regni (Giunti 1993, Rizzoli 2007), Taccuino di un’ultimista (Feltrinelli 1998) and Il lupo mercante (Rizzoli 2007). She has edited the collections Mi riguarda and Si può! (1994, 1996).

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