I Know Your Secret

Silvana Giacobini

€ 18,50
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Scrittori Italiani
Pages: 496
ISBN/EAN: 9788860522054

A great story about passion and guilt, love and mystery, corruption and revenge.
The three deaths mystery: that’s how the papers baptize the brutal murder of an unidentified woman whose body is found on the Eurostar train for Venice. The victim died in three different ways simultaneously, murdered three times. It’s a new case for the chief of police, Silvia Giorgini, who can count on the help of her friend Chiara Bonelli as she had in the past.

Bonelli is a young TV reporter with paranormal powers. And while Silvia attempts to find the motive and the profile of the murderer, Chiara falls prey to telepathic messages, devastating visions that plunge her into 18th century Venice when deviate secret sects broke off from the Masons. The same sects that along with the Beati Paoli confraternity will, according to legend, be the source of the Mafia in the following centuries. Chiara is unable to decipher the visions, and who is the mysterious knight who has forced his way into her mind? Silvia and Chiara’s investigations touch on the lives of three very different women, but all marked by secrets and blackmail: Anna, the wife of an internationally famous scientist; Amanda, the owner of a very in Milanese boutique; Smeralda, an incredibly beautiful Sicilian actress with a shameful past.

“I know your secret” is what’s written in the menacing, anonymous messages that have obsessed all of them for a long time. But what secret can strike them with so much terror? Passion that has gone beyond any licit limit? Revenge perpetrated in the shadow of the eastern European Mafia? A foul crime that condemns many young innocents to the most atrocious end? After her book Chiudi gli occhi, Silvana Giacobini is back with another great story of suspense, love, passion and esotericism. A colossal in the feminine key that bows to the appeal of the past, but has no fear of tackling the burning issues of the present.

The author
Silvana Giacobini, born in Rome but living for years in Milan, is married and has a daughter. She was editor-in-chief of Gioia, created and was editor-in-chief of Chi, and currently is the editor-in-chief of Diva e donna which she created for Cairo Editore. She has also worked with various newspapers and conducted programmes for the RAI and Mediaset. She wrote the novels La signora della città and Un bacio nel buio (Mondadori, 1994 e 1999) which were both made into TV films. She also wrote the book of portraits Celebrità (Mondadori, 2001), the short novel Diana, l’ultimo addio (serialized in the papers Il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione, Il Giorno) and collected poems I fiori sul parabrezza (Rai-Eri, 2003). In 2007 her book Chiudi gli occhi was published by Cairo Editore and Rai-Eri, the first novel with Chiara Bonelli as protagonist. It won the international prize for narrative Il Mulinello, the Colapesce Prize, the Personalità Europea Prize and the Jury Special Prize for «Un libro per l’estate 2007».

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