The Stone Diadem

Roberto Mistretta

Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Scrittori Italiani
Pages: 320
ISBN/EAN: 9788860522078

There is no peace for officer Saverio Bonanno. Not even when he gets all dressed up and decides to dedicate himself to matters of the heart can he forget that he is enrolled in the Carabinieri. Because Mrs Agatina Piditella in Ficalora has decided to spoil his fun by accidentally shooting her husband. Right on the evening that a romantic veil of snow has fallen on Villabosco, the evening he wanted to spend with sweet Rosalia.

The dynamics of the accident are strange, just as strange as Mrs Piditella’s behaviour. Bonanno does not like arrogant people, even more so when they have friends in high places, and if his nose tells him there’s something smelly, he charges head down. Against everything and everyone. The more so because whether from a sense of shame or guilt, the «victim», Professor Ficalora, from his hospital bed, is in cahoots with his gelid spouse.

When his worst presentments come true, Bonanno is not surprised that the colonel decides to take him off the case and assign it to his more diplomatic colleague-rival Marcelli. But hot-headed Bonanno keeps right on with a parallel investigation, especially because the good name of the Carabinieri is at stake since that revolver that shot and killed was lost by corporal Vitellaro.

In a land that burns with passion like Sicily, a blanket of snow is not enough to cover evil schemes. Bonanno knows this very well and loses his sleep and his legendary appetite because of the diabolical machinations of others. Mishna also knows this very well. Mishna is a boy from Kosovo who landed on the island of Sicily in his flight from a war that made him grow up too fast. At twelve he has already lost his family, his tears and everything else he had. The only thing he has left is vengeance. He will take revenge but unknowingly cross Bonanno’s path.

Another case for Saverio Bonanno, the officer of the Carabinieri who is tough on the outside and all heart on the inside, who loves horoscopes and eating well. This is a totally Sicilian story: subterfuge, a conspiracy of silence, love, honour and death all intertwined with the drama of a wounded land where one can die for no reason at all.

The author
Roberto Mistretta, a Sicilian journalist, lives in Mussomeli (Villabosco in his novels) in the province of Caltanissetta. Cairo Editore has published his Il canto dell’upupa (2008), the first in a series of crime novels with Saverio Bonanno, an officer in the Carabinieri, as protagonist. In Germany it was very successful.

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