The Polka Dot Scarf

Carlo Rossella with Fabiana Giacomotti

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Extra
Pages: 208
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-239-9

Woe betide furs even if they’re grandmother’s, yes to the cinema. Travel lots by train, less by plane. Only cultural weekends. At times it doesn’t take much to understand the times have changed and that to live at one’s best you need to grasp their essence: more affectionate conversations at the espresso machine, museums and cities of art more crowded than usual, even a polka dot scarf that becomes the subject of a national debate because it looks too expensive. Unique opportunities to improve relationships in the family, love, friendship, work, in a new alphabet of emotions experienced and not represented, but also a perfect excuse for avoiding unpleasant duties or boring appointments. The austerity of the Third Millennium erases status symbols and multiplies personal style, annihilates the dictatorship of icons and rediscovers people’s democracy. Priorities change, the need for closeness and solidarity are rediscovered and, at the same time, the taste for real elegance which is, above all, sobriety in presenting oneself. New languages, new ways and rites, lots of anecdotes behind the scenes of publishing, fashion, the cinema and culture make this vocabulary of a new way of living to tackle this change wisely written by the journalist and versatile writer, Carlo Rossella, together with the Lady of Style, Fabiana Giacomotti, a very useful guide that always plays on the edge of irony. Without forgetting, as Rossella says, that «life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the places and moments that take our breath away».

The authors
Carlo Rossella, president of Medusa Film, for years a foreign politics correspondent, has been director of Stampa Sera, La Stampa, Panorama, Tg1 and Tg5. His books have been very successful; the latest is Vodka (Mondadori 2008). He collaborates with Il Foglio for which he writes the famous column Alta Società (High Society). He is an editorialist for Radio Dimensione Suono and is editor of the letter section, Signora mia, in Chi.

Fabiana Giacomotti, journalist and writer, has lived abroad for a long time. She was financial and customs correspondent for years, then vice-director of Amica, and was director of Luna and MF Fashion. She writes for Il Foglio, il Mondo and Il Sole-24Ore. In 2008 her book Mix&Chic – Inventarsi uno stile unico, was published by Cairo Editore. She teaches Fashion and Custom Sciences at the La Sapienza University of Rome.

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