The Great Story of Jesus

Sandro Mayer – Osvaldo Orlandini

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Storie
Pages: 416
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-241-2

This is the story, told like never before, of a man who lived, loved and suffered as no one else ever has. It is the story that has marked all of mankind and that has given hope; it has divided many but it has joined even more. It is the great story of Jesus.

The Gospels have passed down to us the stages of his life, and spread and explained his message. But the everyday reality that the man of Nazareth lived in his land and during his era has sunk into the oblivion of the centuries, entrusted only to each of our imaginations. Which could have been his favourite games as a child? How did he behave with his parents? What were his thoughts, his most hidden fears? What could have happened in all those years that the evangelists never mention?

Sandro Mayer and Osvaldo Orlandini, with the breadth of a novel but with respect for the sources, tackle the difficult task of narrating, step by step, the path of Jesus, from the grotto in Bethlehem to the Cross on Golgotha, from the mystery of his coming into the world to his painful end. But, together with the most known episodes we will encounter scenes never before represented, encounters blurred by time, people who are apparently secondary, but who are in reality protagonists of the same events: the intrigues of Herodias and Salome, the fragile love between Pilate and Claudia Procula, the desperation of Barabbas, the sweetness of Mary Magdalene, the power of John the Baptist, the affection of Lazarus and his sisters, the plots of Caiaphas, the revenge of the Pharisees, the violence of the Roman Empire, the remorse and redemption of Judas. An enthralling narration that brings alive the era when Jesus was a man among men. It leads us to his extraordinary destiny and takes us into the heart of the mystery that continues to illuminate history.

The authors
Sandro Mayer is a journalist with great experience that ranges from show business to the news, to politics and reportage. After thirty years of directing periodicals, he is currently director of Dipiù, DipiùTV and TVMia for Cairo Editore. He wrote the plays Il silenzio dei sogni, Bivio d’amore, Un amore grande grande and the musical Il miracolo di padre Pio. In 2006, Cairo Editore published his book Una emozione dipiù and, in 2008, together with Osvaldo Orlandini he wrote La grande storia di padre Pio, a best seller in its sixth edition.

Osvaldo Orlandini became a reporter at a very young age. He began his brilliant career at the daily Il Giorno. Then he went on to Gente, where he wrote about the news and politics of the most clamorous cases of the Eighties: from the Red Brigades to the Tobagi murder, and the assassination of General Dalla Chiesa. He worked there for twenty-seven years, first as correspondent, then as vice-director. Currently he is vice-director of Dipiù. Together with Sandro Mayer, he wrote the novel Cuori fedeli and La grande storia di padre Pio.

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