Promise It to Everyone, Don’t Give It to Anyone

Claudia Rossi

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Storie
Pages: 160
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-287-0

Micol, 17 and Milanese. Distinguishing marks: gorgeous. Her dream: make it in the world of fashion and entertainment. That’s how, almost by chance, Micol’s story begins. A student like others, but a breathtaking beauty, pushed by her mother and a girlfriend to get into the world of casting in search of the Big Opportunity.

But amidst obscene proposals masquerading as auditions, parties in the most exclusive night spots and crowded discos, the aspiring model, hungry for life and experiences, runs into an underbrush of ambiguous people from whom she has to learn to defend herself without ruining her opportunities: directors ready to offer a leading role in exchange for a “hot” night, photographers who promise the cover of an international magazine in exchange for a “special” friendship; businessmen who offer a contract as a mannequin in exchange for an intimate little dinner…… A glittering world, but full of dark shadows and pitfalls – cocaine, prostitution, anorexia, envy and false friendships – where everyone wants everything, and danger is always around the corner. A waltz of appearances in which Micol makes promises and breaks them because she doesn’t want to make compromises and, above all, she doesn’t want to betray herself.

Yet, after surpassing every kind of disappointment, after every attempt to return to a more authentic life-style, the lure of success is stronger. And the attraction of that gilded world of easy money and easy dreams is fatal. At the end, the only thing left is the time that passes and takes away unfulfilled promises and traitorous illusions. But Micol has grown up: the young girl is now a mature woman who understands what really counts in life and who decides to leave everything behind her and start anew.

The author
Claudia Rossi, born in Milan, began working as a model at seventeen. Now she is a free-lance journalist. A first version of Prometterla a tutti, non darla a nessuno came out in 2007 with a small publisher.

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