Grace & Diana

Luisa Ciuni, Elena Mora

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Storie
Pages: 208
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-285-6

Once upon a time there were two princesses... who did not live happily ever after.

Grace and Diana married their prince, but their fairy-tale ended anything but happily. The Hollywood Star and the Rose of England loved, suffered and dedicated themselves to their children and noble causes. They became icons in the fashion world. They both died in dramatic (and never clearly explained) car accidents. Their inheritance was to leave their people and their realms quite different from how they first found them.

The comparison of their lives, from childhood to the media triumphs, from the desired maternity to the difficulties of the relationship with their spouses, reveals an interweaving of destinies that brings the two very close in a truly surprising manner. From the spectacular weddings – Grace’s taken by a movie camera; Diana’s structured specifically for TV, from the schedule to the details of the guests’ clothing – to the tragic destiny that ended, much too soon, their lives. Up to the show of the funerals when the entire world grieved for the loss of the two princesses.

Going back over the parallel paths of their stories other likenesses crop up: fragility – well dissimulated in Grace, painfully evident in Diana – that brought them to seek confirmation in that particular man and that particular crown; the capacity to touch people’s hearts that made them a very powerful means of promotion for the realm, themselves and their husbands. And then the love stories and the lovers, the joys and the loneliness, the dreams and the bitter disappointments of the two beautiful queens of hearts who rarely had happy - and never easy - days in their castles.

This is the story of two women who left a deep sign on the last century, an indelible memory that time cannot touch. A story that opens with their only real encounter, at the first official appearance of Lady Di right after the announcement of her engagement, and ends on a bright September morning with the last public appearance of Grace, covered by the red roses she adored.

The authors
Luisa Ciuni, a reporter and writer from Palermo, has always lived in Milan where she is senior editor for fashion and also covers the news and society events for the daily Il Giorno. She has written various pieces on fashion and the history of fashion, besides the books Gossip terapia and Le bugie hanno le gambe lunghe, both co-authored with Elena Mora. Her stories are in the short story collections Cuori di pietra, Facce di bronzo and Corpi.

Elena Mora, born in Piedmont, lives and works in Milan. A journalist by profession and central editor-in-chief for the weekly magazine Diva e donna, her passion is writing. Among her books are Manuale anti-ansia per genitori co-authored with Maria Rita Parsi, Gossip terapia and Le bugie hanno le gambe lunghe coauthored with Luisa Ciuni. She participated in the short story collections Cuori di pietra, Facce di bronzo and Corpi. She has also written children’s books and cartoons.

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