Puppies in the Wind

Sandro Mayer – Osvaldo Orlandini

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 460
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-300-6

If dogs don’t know how to lie about love, it’s because they’re born to love. They can’t talk about it but they know how to demonstrate it. It’s the young Maremma sheepdog Tim, not resigned to being abandoned, who teaches the significance of the verb to love to Roberto, an absent and insensitive father, and changes the entire family’s life. And the intelligent and terribly dignified Tim will draw us into the balconied apartment house in Corso Como in Milan. Story by story, family by family, we’ll live with their passions, jealousies, scrapes, betrayals, tears and happiness.

All that only life can give. And only a dog can help us to deeply understand the sense of it. One of the protagonists says: «The thing is that puppies appear out of nowhere: from a breeder, a pet shop, a dog pound or the street. And before they meet us they seem lost, orphaned. Then they enter our houses and become our children». In the old apartment building on Corso Como, each story and each character, from Roberto to Signora Pina and Fiammetta, Francesco, Ferdinando, Maria, Renato, Daniela, Ilòr… form mutual bonds and begin to shape a common destiny under the sign of friendship and the love of these animals that are silent and generous, cheerful and willing, faithful and patient. A wordless love and, just because of this, more true, that carries the events of the quiet of Corso Como in Milan to Albania, from the Middle East to the United States, amidst days of passion, the drama of war, hijacked planes, kidnapping, the jet set and the world of crime.

If it weren’t for the final notes concerning actual news events in which the two authors, Sandro Mayer and Osvaldo Orlandini, bring us back to reality, reading the book would be like reading a fairy-tale where the good guys love animals and the bad guys don’t. But life is much more than a fairy-tale and, entrusting ourselves to imagination, the happy ending can clear the skies of each of our existences.

The authors
Sandro Mayer is a journalist with great experience that ranges from show business to the news, to politics and reportage. At the moment he is director of Dipiù for Cairo Editore. He wrote the plays Il silenzio dei sogni, Bivio d’amore, Un amore grande grande and the musical Il miracolo di padre Pio. In 2006, with Cairo Editore he published Una emozione dipiù and, in 2008, together with Osvaldo Orlandini, La grande storia di padre Pio, a best seller now in its ninth edition, and La grande storia di Gesù (2009), now in its seventh edition.

Osvaldo Orlandini began his career as a journalist at Il Giorno. Then he went on to Gente, where he wrote about the news and politics of the most clamorous cases of the Eighties: from the Red Brigades to the Tobagi murder, and the assassination of General Dalla Chiesa. He worked there for twenty-seven years, first as correspondent, then as vice-director. Currently he is vice-director of Dipiù. Together with Sandro Mayer, he wrote La grande storia di padre Pio and La grande storia di Gesù.

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