The Grand Story of the Bible

Sandro Mayer – Osvaldo Orlandini

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Storia
Pages: 528
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-311-2

The Bible as you’ve never read it: this is the intricate work that Sandro Mayer and Osvaldo Orlandini undertook with respect, passion, and deep feeling after the success of their two previous books, La grande storia di padre Pio and La grande storia di Gesù. The creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah’s ark, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses: Mayer and Orlandini studied the most fascinating stories of the Old Testament and interpreted them, then enriched them with historical sources until the result was transformed by their talent into an epic novel.

You will be drawn into that world of millenniums ago that the Bible narrates which will envelop you in a crescendo of emotions: Sara’s desperation because she is sterile; Joseph sold by his brothers into slavery, who through his merits eventually becomes the viceroy of Egypt; Moses saved from the water, his conversations with God, the long march he leads his people on to the Promised Land. Then there are irresistible episodes, intrigues, and love affairs. Like a colossal of the cinema, the Mayer and Orlandini Bible is for everyone in the family.

The characters in this truly grand story, even the minor characters, will not be forgotten. Reading this will be like seeing their faces, hearing their voices on the big screen, set in the historical and geographic context of those ancient times. This is not just a Bible to keep in your bookcase, it’s for reading from the first page to the last because the rhythm is tight and enthralling and because the characters, wrapped in legend over the centuries, become flesh and blood.

The authors
Sandro Mayer is a journalist with great experience that ranges from show business to the news, to politics and reportage. Currently he is director of Dipiù for Cairo Editore. He wrote the plays Il silenzio dei sogni, Bivio d’amore, Un amore grande grande and the musical Il miracolo di padre Pio. In 2006, Cairo Editore published his book Una emozione dipiù and, in 2008, together with Osvaldo Orlandini he wrote La grande storia di padre Pio (2008), a best seller in its tenth edition, La grande storia di Gesù (2009), now in its seventh edition, and in 2010, Cuccioli nel vento.

Osvaldo Orlandini became a reporter at a very young age. He began his brilliant career at the daily Il Giorno. Then he went on to Gente, where he wrote about the news and politics of the most clamorous cases of the Eighties: from the Red Brigades to the Tobagi murder, and the assassination of General Dalla Chiesa. He worked there for twenty-seven years, first as correspondent, then as vice-director. Currently he is vice-director of Dipiù. Together with Sandro Mayer, he wrote La grande storia di padre Pio, La grande storia di Gesù and Cuccioli nel vento.

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