Marry Me Again

Laura Logli

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
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Pages: 192
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The average life-span of marriages is becoming shorter. Every day thousands of men and women are picking up the pieces of what was once a relationship, with the prospect of starting from zero. Often in the midst of these pieces are children young enough to need affection and the constant presence of both parents. This is a common situation, but uncommonly difficult and often dramatic that is, above all, putting men to the test. They are the first to suffer from the difficulties of a separation; more and more in search of strong emotions, seduced by an eternal adolescence and made insecure by the increasing strength of women.

In a world where the previous masculine and feminine models no longer have value, men go forward navigating without instruments in a constant confusion of roles. There’s nothing surprising here since never before have the relationships between sexes become so complicated. Lost and vulnerable, many separated fathers find themselves fighting a no holds battle, amidst a thousand economic and psychological obstacles, to get their requests of paternity recognized. They are the new poor class of our times, often driven into a condition of authentic poverty by the obligation to support their ex family, but at the same time deprived of the joy of accompanying day by day the growth of their children.

How many fathers, whose children have been left by preference in the mother’s care, still don’t manage to see their children regularly? And what obstacles must they face with the necessity of paying a double rent, one for their home and one for the family’s, besides supporting their children economically when there’s a world-wide crisis? A lot has been done with the new law that introduced shared child care, but still today in Italy, the rights of separated married couples are not equal for all. Even though the laws furnish numerous answers, many questions are still open. Between the lines of many sentences hide stories of suffering that tell of broken emotions. Beyond the legal language, is the language of love which is worth re-thinking. More now than ever.

The author
Laura Logli a Milanese lawyer and an expert in legal psychology, has vast experience in family and minors’ law. She collaborates with the publications Metro, Natural Style and For Men Magazine. In 2008 Cairo published her book, Grazie che te ne sei andato.

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