One Year in the Kitchen

Enrico Mayer

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Collection: Extra
Pages: 376
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-330-3

How many times have you asked yourself: «What shall I cook today?». A cue, an idea is what you need. So here are 365 proposals, one a day, season by season, to put a different dish on the table every day. Spring, summer, autumn and winter: from appetizer to first course, from the second course to side-dishes and on to dessert, the kitchen expert of the weekly Dipiù, Enrico Mayer, invites you to discover many, many easy recipes, with seasonal ingredients chosen among the least costly and available in your supermarket. Only rarely will you run into truffles, caviar, lobster and oysters. The password is simplicity: no particular culinary skill or the sophisticated tools of a chef are required. Following the procedures for preparing dishes that are described step by step, with the tools you surely have in your kitchen drawers, every dish is guaranteed successful.

Because this book has a secret: all the recipes are real, and they’ve been made one by one in a kitchen and immediately photographed so that the dish conserves its natural freshness. No artificial colours, or filters, special tricks: what you see illustrated in these pages is exactly what will come out of your kitchen..

When you pick up this book you’ll be able to immediately find the season of the moment: the coloured strip at the side of the page will guide you. Green for spring, orange for summer, maroon for autumn and blue for winter. Cooking time and the necessary ingredients are immediately recognizable so that you can select the dish that responds to your needs of the moment.

For every recipe, you will also find a note that tells you some curious facts about what you’re going to prepare. The only left to do is start cooking!

The author
Enrico Mayer was born in Piacenza, but he grew up in Naples. He began at Rizzoli at a very young age and for ten years he worked with books and periodicals. After, he worked at the weekly Mondo Economico, then with the Quadratum group as editor-in-chief of all the periodicals (for example, Weekend Viaggi, Intimità, Stop and La Cucina Italiana, where his great passion for gastronomy was born) and, for some years, he was the director of Weekend Viaggi, Consigli Pratici and Mediterranea. As a cuisine expert, he currently collaborates with the magazines Dipiù and Dipiù TV. Cairo Editore published his historical novel Le avventure di Raniero di Pontremoli Cavaliere del Santo Sepolcro (2010).

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