Virgilio Degiovanni , Rosaria Loffredo

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
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Pages: 160
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-346-4

Jo is in a serious crisis. Debora left him from one day to the other, right before their wedding, and getting back together seems impossible. Not even his job is very satisfying and the provincial town he chose to move to doesn’t offer him the stimuli he hoped for. In moments like this, you have to think about everything positive that’s left in your life. Something to hang on to in order to look ahead. But actually, Jo does have a treasure: Andrea, his best friend with whom he shared a happy childhood, the turmoil of adolescence, the problems of life as an adult. Andrea is very special because he’s chosen to dedicate his life to others, to live where there’s the most pain and suffering. Who better than Andrea could listen to him, give him precious advice?

Thus begins the long path to a rebirth for Jo. And it is Andrea who lays it out for him and together with him. A path that is made of twelve fundamental moves: learn to recognize a crisis; ask for help from those who can give it to you; discover if you’re living the life you want; try to look beyond appearances; listen to everything and everyone; try to touch the essence of people and things; taste before judging; achieve fullness using your sense of smell; accompany words with facts; always use your heart in everything you do; write a vademecum for yourself about the life you dream of; let love help you for the real change. Twelve steps that emphasize a simple and blinding truth: YOU already have the instruments to change your life – sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, heart and words – you only have to learn to truly use them. This is the only way you can know yourself and give your life the turn you need.

Through Jo’s rebirth, readers will see an illuminated and precise path before them. To help themselves or a person close to them.

The authors
Virgilio Degiovanni, a nationally known entrepreneur and editor of the monthly Millionaire, first wrote Analisi e tecnica di borsa (1988) followed by Senza padroni (1999). Currently he is the director of his company for training in growth and personal development ( ). A life change that is the source of this book.

Rosaria Loffredo, specialized in psychological counseling, has worked for more than ten years on psychosomatic illness prevention. During a variegated personal and work path, his dream matured: help others to be well. Curently he collaborates with Degiovanni in his company for training and personal development.

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